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  • Video Lessons

    Video Lessons

    Browse through our online video archive of lessons and film clips in Wing Chun, Pilates and Meditation. Always being updated with useful and fun footage.

  • A Way of Self Mastery

    A Way of Self Mastery

    What do we mean by ‘self’ mastery? To gain a better control over our body, emotions, mind and spirit. This may seem like a large task, but we can start right where we stand with simple exercises that will increase our quality of life

  • Realistic Self Defence

    Realistic Self Defence

    Many combat systems are designed around sports and competitions. Real situations don’t have rules, restrictions and referees. This means we must train for realistic situations. But don’t worry, you will be built up from the basics. Actually the true battle is within ☺

  • Self Healing – Release Pain and Stress

    Self Healing – Release Pain and Stress

    Being an ancient Chinese system there is much depth and understanding on how to align your posture, release tension and stress to free your mind and body from pain and suffering. Having taken latest modern understanding and meditation techniques our system will bring you back to optimum health.

  • Effortless Power Generation

    Effortless Power Generation

    By becoming more conscious of your body and the way it should work you will gain a more aligned and balanced body. On a deeper level as your emotions and thoughts become more clear and calm, you gain better control of ‘Nim Lik’ meaning ‘mind force’. You will be amazed at the power you can achieve!

  • Contact Us

    Contact Us

    If you need more advice on help before you get started with your training, please feel free to contact us directly though this site and we will do all we can to help.